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Ceiling mount – sliding part

In Hardware on Jan 26, 2010 at 00:01

Ok, here’s the sliding part of the room node mount:


Totally hacky for now, the reinforcement bits are all glued in and cut to shape.

What totally surprised me, is that the JeeNode itself barely fits, even though there seems to be so much empty space in there. The tricky bit is that it can’t stick out on either side – in the end I could only make it fit by turning it a little, and moving the battery pack out of the way to make room for that orientation:


This thing is larger than I expected it to be – the big triangle against the ceiling is 14 cm on both sides and ≈ 20 cm on the long diagonal side.

Last step will to to figure out a way to mount this concoction. Oh, and then redo it all from scratch to create a decent printable DIY template.

  1. Interesting to watch the process, even though I’m not a fan of the big robot all seeing eye in the corner look. You have solid walls like me, which narrows the options for mounting electronics without channeling out for wallboxes (a lot of work and a LOT of dust). My luck is that I have cornices which I have previously cut into, hidden things inside, and patched up with plaster. For the nodes I will try making mini wallplate covers that snap on with permanent magnets.

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