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CupCake #361 is alive!

In Hardware on Jan 27, 2010 at 00:01

Just got the missing part for the CupCake CNC 3D-printer in from MakerBot – partly their mistake, partly my mistake, long story… anyway – in the end they were extremely helpful in coming up with a good solution.

Which I had to try right away, of course ;)

After a bit of head scratching w.r.t. firmware versions and uploading, everything came together at last.

Here’s the first object getting printed at Jee Labs – whee this is fun:


After 8 minutes, it’s done and steps aside:


Mystery object…


After removing the “raft” and cutting off some loose ends:


So what is it? Oh, nothing spectacular really – it’s a Z-endstop for the machine itself. I figured that after us people doing so much to get it going, this machine might as well start working on improving itself right away…

I’m astonished by how well this first part came out. Very clean, very plastic’y, much sturdier than I expected.

All that’s left is to give this new beast a name – Jee3D? JeeCup? JeeCake? CuppaJeeno?

  1. My vote: JeeCake

  2. CuppaJeeno

  3. Just to keep your ideas flowing: In the beginning, all Makerbots had girl names, since they give birth to stuff + it gives them a personal touch. Mine is called Kali ;)

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