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Room node mount

In Hardware on Jan 30, 2010 at 00:01

It’s time to finish that room node ceiling mount, at least the prototype.

At first, I thought I’d use the new 3D printer for some sort of nifty mounting bracket:

Screen shot 2010-01-29 at 20.48.04.png

… but it turns out that there’ a much simpler solution:


This pushes the top of the mount against the ceiling, right under the battery pack, which is by far the heaviest part anyway:


I don’t like the look of the paper sheet wrapped around the foamboard, but whatever – it works!

There’s a new wiki page with the description and a PDF with the outline of the pieces required to make a ceiling mount. Haven’t quite accounted for the thickness of the foam, since it depends a bit on which way it’s cut and folded, but the PDF should be usable as starting point.

  1. May be it is possible to create a smaller version of Jeenode? You can made it in some kind of stackable design, I suppose. For example: square pcb with smd atmega and all connectors around chip on one side and RF part on another side… Then you can mount that stack upon “power brick”. I suppose CR2032 battery (or two?) and tiny step-up converter (I saw very cheap one – NCP1400A) will allow jeenode to work for a months (in that case you need to remove linear power regulator part from your circuit). May be I’m wrong, I don’t know. =)

    P.S. I just think that it will be simplier to find a good place in a room for a smaller version of jeenode…

    • True – but in this case it is really the battery pack which determines the size of the triangle. With a dozen JeeNodes in the house, I’d rather not go around replacing batteries all the time… (AA has over 10x the capacity of CR2032).

  2. CR2477 migt be a good compromise between capacity and size. It has more than five times the capacity of a CR2032 for less than twice the price (at Reichelt).

  3. It doesn’t look so bad — once you get accustomed to it, you won’t even notice after a while. Sure beats one of those big obtrusive camera balls ;)

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