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Room node – last

In Hardware on Jan 31, 2010 at 00:01

Here’s a last post about mounting a room node in a ceiling corner.

The enclosure and support struts were cut out of an A4 sheet of foam board, according to the template PDF on the wiki:


Unfortunately, the JeeNode doesn’t quite fit with the FTDI pins sticking out, so I had to cut away a bit of the support material. As you can see, everything is glued together with hot glue, even the room board. The battery pack is stuck on the top part with double-side tape.

The motion sensor sticks out in the middle, at the cross-point of two diagonals on that slanted surface, to be precise. The holes for the LDR and SHT11 have not yet been made:


Here’s how everything sits in the completed unit:


There’s still some leeway to move the JeeNode up a notch, but I’ll leave it at that.

Enough of all this mechanical tinkering!

  1. Why does it need to be in the corner touching all 3 planes? Can’t you just hook it on one wall, eventually close to the corner, in a simple, parallelepipedic, box?

    • Sure – this was merely an experiment to see how well it could be made to fit. I’ll probably explore more avenues later. Maybe also just a smaller version with a single AA cell, such as in the recent Lithium Node post.

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