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Connecting to a CupCake

In Software on Feb 9, 2010 at 00:01

To follow up on yesterday’s post, I wrote some test code to request the extruder nozzle temperature from the JeeCake and send the results out over wireless. Here is the full “jeeStatus.pde” sketch:

Screen shot 2010-02-07 at 16.19.43.png

And sure enough, it works:

Screen shot 2010-02-07 at 16.08.55.png

You’re seeing the nozzle cool down, after heating it up via ReplicatorG. The connected JeeNode has been given node ID 19, and it’s transmitting in group 5 of the 868 MHz band, so I can simply track these incoming packets through the JeeLink which is already collecting all sorts of data anyway.

So much for the easy part – the real software will be more work!