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Packaging madness

In Musings on Mar 4, 2010 at 00:01

I ran out of little zip-lock bags. The ones I put small 6-pin headers in, and such.

So I ordered a few more by direct mail, from a Dutch office supplies shop on the web.

Sure enough, one day later – a big courier delivery truck from DHL stops by and delivers a 25×35 cm box with the requested goods:


They could have dropped it in a padded envelope, added €1.60 postage, and dropped it in the mail. Which – in the Netherlands – is guaranteed to reach me in 24 hours, IOW just as quickly, along with all my other mail. Delivered to my doorstep by our friendly mailman, who services the whole neighborhood … on bike.

Instead, I’ve caused this ridiculous packaging and delivery nonsense. Yuck.

Update – I’ve re-ordered some more (slightly larger) bags from another Dutch supplier suggested by someone after reading this post. Not only did that supplier do the right thing – they even alerted me to the fact that another item would have pushed postage up to an unreasonable level, and proposed to omit that extra item. Hurray for vendors who use their common sense when serving their customers!