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One more Forum + Wiki try

In News on Mar 30, 2010 at 00:01

Ok, I’m going to try one more forum + wiki setup:

Screen shot 2010-03-29 at 21.45.15.png

Sample wiki page:

Screen shot 2010-03-29 at 21.22.43.png

It’s based on TikiWiki, as suggested yesterday.

This new setup is hosted on the Jee Labs server again. No user signup in some big wiki farm, no tracking of activity (I don’t do big-brother style “analytics” – not now and not ever…).

The interesting aspect of TikiWIki is that it is even more powerful than Wikidot, but that almost each individual feature can be turned off, so that I can pick exactly what’s needed to create a convenient site, without all the bells and whistles which would only distract from creating useful content and discussing important topics. The flip side is that it’s quite a large set of config options to navigate through!

I’ve replaced the Wikidot with this new site, again at – you are hereby invited to sign up and try it out (all user names are available, since this is a standalone setup). I can assure you that it is an order of magnitude more tedious for me as it probably is for you to have to go through all this hassle again…

As before – this is a test. Final decision as to whether this becomes the new Jee Labs community site will be made within the next 10 days … I sure hope this is it!

  1. I will also try this one out – tomorrow.

    Is there a way (maybe by a host-entry to the Wikidot-IP?) to still get to the entries in the Wikidot-Test? Then i could copy my stuff and do not need to write it again…

  2. Thx, i moved the Antenna and Soil Moisture Sensor Pages…

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