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Welcome to the Café

In News on Mar 31, 2010 at 00:01

So far so good, I think yesterday’s community site setup is working out fairly well!

Here’s one of the pages, as seen by anonymous visitors:

Screen shot 2010-03-30 at 23.15.14.png

The same page, once you pick a username and register:

Screen shot 2010-03-30 at 23.16.02.png

As you can see, the site can be extended to include more features for registered users (there are lots more!).

TikiWiki has 12,723,940 options – I’ve only tweaked 83 of ’em so far…

In fact, I’ve been turning off features, stripping menus, changing permissions, and simplifying the CSS theme, to try and regain some uncluttered screen space. I may have gone too far in some areas, but there’s definitely room for further simplification in others.

There are built-in anonymous, registered, editor, and admin “groups”, so we can make this thing as open as possible w.r.t. participation, while sharing the maintenance burden later on if this site becomes hyperactive.

I still find web-based page entry and editing extremely tedious. But I’m willing to stick to this wiki formatting convention, and I can easily use my own text editor to prepare new pages off-line when it gets too painful.

I’ve moved the site to its definitive URL ( and will also work).

The forum and the wiki/ wiki will be kept around in read-only mode for a month or so, until all the main content has been moved over.

Update 2010-04-02 – the Café has been closed again. I’m sticking to BBpress + ProjectForum for now.