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OOK plugs

In Hardware on Apr 12, 2010 at 00:01

I’d like to get some more weather sensors etc. connected to JeeNodes, so I made some “OOK plugs” by hand:

Dsc 1332

  • top: 433 MHz receiver and transmitter, by Conrad
  • bottom left: 868 MHz receiver by ELV
  • bottom right: 433 Mhz receiver (also by ELV?)

The top two units need an external 17 cm wire antenna, the bottom two have built-in PCB antennas.

Here’s my OOK test unit, using a JeeNode USB v3 and the new Carrier Board & box:

Dsc 1334

And here a first test setup:

Dsc 1335

One of the things I’d like to establish is to what extent these units can be combined in one box. A previous attempt with the OOK relay seems to indicate that there can be severe interference between these units. Even “receivers” tend to emit quite a bit of RF power from their tuned circuits over short distances.

Haven’t wired up these units yet The plan is to tie receivers to the AIO pin and transmitters to the DIO pin, so that a pair of them can be used on a single port.

Update – Here is a detailed view of the different receivers and how they were hooked up:

Dsc 1513

Dsc 1514

  1. Is it a coincidence you got the 868 from ELV? My 868 from conrad seems not as good as the 433 from conrad, but that could be just mine (or KAKU timing less strict than LaCrosse weather …)

    • Coincidence. I suspect that there are large differences, but haven’t really made any serious comparisons yet.

  2. Tips; There are a lot of Onewire sensors on the market for e.g. wind speed/direction, moisture etc ( Just connect them to a JeeNode in the station housing and you are ready to measure! JeeNode is much better th of the shelf sensors white radio solutions.

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