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Digital postage stamps

In News on Apr 21, 2010 at 00:01

At last, this country has entered the 21st century…

Dsc 1347

It is now possible to print postage stamps with a label printer, instead of having to constantly buy stamps and place up to 8 (!) of them on the packages going out at Jee Labs. Not to mention keeping 4 different stamps around.

Until now, the only other option was to buy a fairly expensive franking machine which weighs the packages and prints stamps on them, but it doesn’t handle thicker packages, so I’d end up printing on separate labels anyway – and essentially waste most of the investment while still doing the same as before.

I’ll probably keep using stamps for the small shipments. But no more reams of stamps per envelope, new shipping options in reach, and no more running out of specific stamps!

Now, if only they supported the Mac… oh, well.

  1. Hurrah! Not as pretty as the globe bicycle, but I’ve already got a package with those on… I wonder if I have the new hi-tech one on my latest order… Then again with all the no fly fun at the moment, I’ll be happy if it even makes it to the UK. To paraphrase a famous new paper headline from the 1950s “All flights cancelled – Continent cut off!” :o)

  2. In Switzerland no problem with Windows compatibility : you can print your stamps on the swisspost website. I use this function under linux and it’s pretty nice. Thank you for your website, a lot of usefull informations for me !

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