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JeeLink’s “Plan B”

In Hardware on Apr 29, 2010 at 00:01

Hmm, it looks like the plastic “USB stick” cases are seriously and totally unavailable. I’ve completely run out of cases, and the next shipment from Farnell is reported to be in… July!

Can’t have everyone wait for it, so I’ve started replacing the case by some semi-transparent heat-shrink tubing:

Dsc 1375

It’s not quite as pretty or sturdy, but it does protect the board so you can easily plug in or remove the JeeLink. The red, green, and blue LEDs are still clearly visible.

If nothing changes on the delivery-of-cases front, then this change will become permanent. Otherwise, I’m willing to repackage any JeeLink you send back at no extra cost. Once the original cases are available again.

Will keep y’all posted on this …

Update – Just got a note from Farnell that the cases are shipping (!). I’m going to hold back on all JeeLink shipments until Monday – with a bit of luck, I can send them off with the “real” plastic cases after all!