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In Musings on Jul 10, 2010 at 00:01

A couple of days ago an email titled “Au secours! LCD ne marche pas” came in, with this picture:

Foto am 29 06 2010 um 20.07 #2

Two JeeNode tinkerers at the Computational Art department of the UdK in Berlin, looking sad and disappointed. And they guessed – correctly! – that sending an email from Germany, written in English, and with a French title would draw my attention :)

The email contained enough technical details to be able to resolve everything with a quick email reply from me (it was the brightness pot, which can be finecky!).

Then this came back:

Foto am 29 06 2010 um 20.56

Yeay – they look happy again! :)

(above pictures shown with permission)

Isn’t that what support is all about? It’s easy to forget that at the end of the day, support is for (and by) people, not technology.

Thank you, Alberto and Petja, for making my day and reminding me.

  1. Jeelabs – changing pouty faces into big grins, Europe wide since 2009 :-)

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