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Back from vacation

In News on Aug 15, 2010 at 00:01

Last month, we (Liesbeth and I) spent a delightful time in the Provence:

Img 6808

As usual, that means I get to switch to my French persona, as we visit new places and meet delightful people of all ages. Lots of baguettes, cheese, wine, and fruit – as usual. Life is embarrassingly good this way…

We visited a friend of a friend at this amazing spot in the Provence:

Img 6691

I’ve never been in a house before, on top of a hill, with a 360° view towards all the surrounding mountains. Here’s the side of the house where we stayed:

Img 6659

It was an incredible place to be.

The geek in me couldn’t resist peeking at the way electricity is hooked up there:

Img 6741

The black box at the bottom right is an earth leakage circuit breaker, which trips at… 350 mA! IOW, it doesn’t protect people, only the house wiring! – luckily, a modern 10 mA version has also been added.

Lots of personal stories, which I won’t bore you with. Been back for over a week now, but still mostly in vacation mode. I’m looking forward to going into lots of Jee Labs projects again, starting tomorrow…

A few more images from the country which gave us the phrase Joie de vivre and a lifestyle I truly love:

Img 6739

Img 6780

Img 6732

Img 6391

P.S. Liesbeth took all the pictures, roughly 600 in all – I just tagged along to relax and enjoy…

  1. Welcome half back :-D Wow, now that’s what I call a view, your wife has a very good photographic eye too.

    Funny I was only saying in a post the other day about how many trips a French fuseboard has, to me that looks like something I’d find in a factory! 350mA sounds pretty tickly to me too!

  2. A lot has happened here though, since you left; seems like ages to me :-) Good to read and see you had a wonderful time, and good to know you’re back as well!

  3. going to saint Rémy on the 18th !

  4. Welcome back and hope you had a great well-deserved time.

  5. Oh wonderful, life’s getting back to normal when jcw and web blog and shop are back. Great, we’ve missed you!

  6. Il ne se passa strictement rien! (Pas du tout, ce jour certainement s’est passé!)

    Les beaux petites allées – pourquoi personne ne promène?

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