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Sleepy class

In AVR, Software on Sep 4, 2010 at 00:01

To make it simpler to experiment with the very low-power states of the ATmega on the JeeNode, I’ve moved some code to the Ports library.

It’s all wrapped up into a new “Sleepy” class:

Screen Shot 2010 09 03 at 14.07.54

See the powerdown_demo.pde and radioBlip.pde sketches for examples of use.

This class is documented in the Café:

Screen Shot 2010 09 03 at 14.23.39

FWIW, I’m also evaluating the Redmine system as a way to bring the code repository, Café docs, issue tracker, and Talk forums all into one context:

Screen Shot 2010 09 03 at 14.24.50

That site is still experimental, so I’m not making it public yet. The one missing feature holding me back is that Redmine does not have a good spam prevention mechanism, such as Akismet. At least last time I looked. But all in all, this would be a great way to provide a place to describe projects, fill in the documentation, and track all code changes and bugs collaboratively. If you’d like to have a sneak preview, or want to have a place to describe your project, or perhaps would like to help with the fairly gigantic task of getting a good documentation section going, please email me.

I’ve started copying over some content, but it’s going to take a while before everything has been brought over and adjusted. Both the old and the new system use Markdown, but there are always them pesky little details…

Anyway, back to the topic at hand – enjoy the low-power options, and please consider sharing your explorations, findings, and inventions in the Talk discussion forums.

  1. We are also using Redmine with Mail Integration. Using FetchMail Rake Task and SPAM protection on the server has helped us a lot. You can also require signing up to the site and only accept mail from registered users.

    • Thx – that’s good to know. My first concern is a simpler one, though: I would like to allow self-registration for posting on a forum. Right now I’m using BBpress, which has a little question for people who register (plus a link sent by email), and then adds Akismet protection on each post. Works very well, at least in this fairly small context (a few hundred registered users).

      I’d rather not be in the loop for each new login, since that adds to the delay for people to post. But without extra measures, anyone with a (temporarily) valid email address could sign up and submit anything – forum posts and issues. Akismet-like protection on anything where non-members can write to should be a minimum requirement for this use case, I think. The current setup (including this weblog) requires zero maintenance.

      If no solution is available, I may just have to manually accept new registrations every so often. Not the end of the world, but also not a great way to solicit discussion and bug reports…

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