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More box options

In Hardware on Nov 24, 2010 at 00:01

Here are a few more options for putting JeeNodes in a box which turn out to work really well:

Dsc 2316

Of course anything larger will fit as well, but I wanted to find out which boxes would be just enough for a JeeNode. As it turns out: several!

These boxes are all available from Conrad, which has an online shop in several European countries. I’m not going to stock them for two reasons: 1) there are just too many choices, and everyone has different needs and preferences, and 2) they won’t fit in an envelope. So to get them, you’ll have to order from Conrad yourself.

The good news is that all these boxes are very inexpensive.

Below is a summary of each one shown above, along with the Conrad order numbers and external dimensions.

#534347 – 85x56x25 mm

The smallest box of ’em all. The JeeNode PCB fits in any of the slots, but you need to make a small notch on the inside of the top cover:

Dsc 2311

#534346 – 85x56x39 mm

A taller version, same color and same perfect fit for a JeeNode (as with the previous box, the FTDI pins need to point up, not out). No need to adjust the cover on this one:

Dsc 2312

#530113 – 88x58x30 mm

This one is slightly larger on the outside, but the sides are slanted and the board only fits by slightly enlarging the plastic notches inside. There’s a small hole in one of the shells:

Dsc 2313

However, there’s also an optional PCB for it with copper islands on one side (#530126). Then the JeeNode can just sit on top as is:

Dsc 2317

#520861 – 90x60x51 mm

On the large side, and fairly high. The JeeNode won’t fit in tightly, so you’ll need to fasten it somehow. This box could almost include a 3x AA battery holder with switch, but to do so you’ll need to remove some plastic inside on all 4 stand-offs:

Dsc 2314

#528373 – 124x72x30 mm

This box is almost identical to the Jee Labs box, but it’s transparent, it has slightly smaller inner dimensions, and there are no slots to slide the Carrier Board into. You can either shorten the pcb a fraction of a millimeter or make some very shallow grooves on the inside of the box to hold the pcb in place:

Dsc 2315

This box also comes in BLUE (#528834), RED (#528347), and GREEN (#528360).

Don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I’ll find a good use for each of these little boxes around here…

  1. Unfortunately those part numbers (at least the first 3, all I’ve tried to far) don’t come up with anything on the UK Conrad site. They work fine on the Dutch site – after I dodge all the vowels ;-)

    So I can only assume the UK arm carries a smaller range. They don’t have an entry for boxes or enclosures on their A-Z index either.

    I’ll try to find the boxes on Farnell and share the part numbers.

  2. Okay, after much research I have only managed to find the first two, but I have found them in grey/black and with a mounting flange option on the lid.

    534347 – 85x56x25mm is Hammond 1591M series

    534346 – 85x56x39mm is Hammond 1591L series

    The flanged version have a suffix of FL The colour is a final suffix of BK for black and GY for grey.

    So JC’s first box is the 1591MGY, the second 1591LGY

    Personally I think the Flange looks very useful if you intend to mount the box somewhere. 1591MFLBK is 85x56x25mm with a flange in black.

    These numbers are the Hammond codes for their boxes, and work on Farnell’s website They don’t work on Conrad’s, I tried the Dutch site and it threw a load of vowels at me in a way that makes me think I did something wrong – “Zoekresultaat” Looks too much luck “Zero Results” for it to be sheer coincidence!

  3. Conrad seems to lack unified product numbering or there is some variation not possible to resolve in the pictures on Conrads web-page. In Sweden 520861 and 528373 is the same as for JC. But eg. 534346 is 520515 in Sweden

    If shopping in Sweden use menu “Höljen -> Universallådor” and match the pictures and look in the sepc. for size.

  4. for a much better looking case, a jeenode fits “quite” perfectly (in vertial position) on these:

    quite because it’s perfect without angled ftdi headers or cutting the case on the side to give access to the connector even when deployed!

  5. A nice box for wireless projects is this water tight ( cable junction box by Ensto (, a Finnish company.

  6. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. The more choice, the better!

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