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In News on Dec 9, 2010 at 00:01

JeeLabs is leaving the dark ages behind… into the light!

Yesterday, the fiber-optic cable was finally delivered. It’s that long box in the middle with the wiggly split:

Dsc 2391

Roll-out by Glashart, modem installed bij NKM, support bij Lijbrandt. It took three months between bringing that orange fiber-optic cable into the house to getting hooked up to internet with it!

This is offered as a Triple play service, of which I’ll only be using the internet connection and a telephone line (yeah, voice-over-wire still exists!).

The internet connection is not too shabby – here’s the “low-end” version I ended up with:

Screen Shot 2010 12 07 at 10.59.21

To be honest, I couldn’t care less about the download speed. Been happy ever since ADSL passed the 4 Mbit/sec mark (the rest is marketing, same as the CPU GHz “game”, and the top speed of a car, if you ask me).

The key reason to do this was to increase the upload bandwidth, which was 1 Mbit/sec – until now.

So finally I can announce the new web server for the JeeLabs Café:

Say hello to…

Screen Shot 2010 12 08 at 16.03.12

I’ve been maintaining the docs in both places for a couple of months now. But as of today, will be deprecated. I’ll gradually adjust all the bits there to redirect to the new server. The old URLs will continue to work for at least another 6 months, but no guarantees after that.

So what’s the deal with the new Café site, eh?

Well, it’s powered by Redmine and has a lot more features than the old site, which is just some static pages:

  • A wiki – with all the info from the old site, organized in a similar way, but now more people can join and participate. There’s already a nice section of contributed pages – see the interesting projects page. The wiki supports Markdown format, and attachments (which can be used as inline images).

  • An issue tracker, to better keep track of bugs, feature requests, and source code changes.

  • A forums section, which may replace the current Talk forums. I haven’t decided, the feature set is quite different. Main issue holding me back for now, is the lack of a simple spam filtering mechanism.

  • A respository browser for all the source code maintained at JeeLabs. This is a very nice and powerful interface to subversion, with full access to change logs, older versions, and source code differences. This replaces the hack I had set up a while back.

Redmine has a number of other features which I haven’t enabled at this point. One of the things to note, is that it manages several different projects, including some private ones which aren’t even listed until you log in with the proper access rights.

Speaking of logins: all the info in the Café is public and browsable by anyone visitng the site. To submit bug reports or feature requests, however, you will need to register and log in. The process is simple an automated, with a quick check via email. To contribute on the wiki, I need to raise your access level to “Editor” – this is not automatic (to avoid spamming), so please contact me if you would like to add your own pages to the wiki or help maintain and extend pages already on there.

The main page of the new Café is at and here’s what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2010 12 08 at 17.34.20

There’s a separate Hardware sub-project in the Café with all the “official” documentation about hardware from JeeLabs. This is where you will find descriptions, detailed specs, connection diagrams, schematics, CAD files, and pointers to relevant posts on this daily weblog. An example:

Screen Shot 2010 12 08 at 16.29.51

Ok, enough screen shots. Back to work!

  1. changing the webapps again :)) this should be interesting, i get it that is hard to get a good platform setup, but… it’s little of a minus when trying to find documentation where someone used to find it and “the way they used to find it” don’t you think ?

    • Yes, changes like these are painful.

      But there is one difference: from now on, all problems with inaccuracies and missing info can be remedied by anyone willing to help out. And being web based, it becomes a lot easier for me as well to adjust the docs area.

  2. redmine for the win! We used it a lot and it’s really nice: redmine for role play mmorpg redmine for dev:

  3. Jean-Claude,

    Would it be possible to use a slightly larger line spacing (and maybe the same Georgia font) for the new site?

    • Could you email me a screenshot? Rendering is always different everywhere. I’ll see i I can switch to Georgia, like the rest of JeeLabs. Haven’t done much with styling yet.

  4. Just tried with “font-family: Georgia, sans-serif;” and “line-height: 1.5 em;”.

    Works as expected for the main text, but several margin/padding/height values need minor adjustment for headings, navigation, etc.

  5. Do you have link to a story on the power-meter sensor shown in the picture ?

    • I suspect you mean this ?

    • “Do you have link to a story on the power-meter sensor shown in the picture ?”

      Exactly the same question popped up in my mind, I already had the same idea, but no time / motivation to look for the right reflectance sensors. Where did you buy them, jcw? And do you think, these guys could also detect the red mark on the rotating disk of a power meter in a distance of ~3cm?

      -Vielen Dank, Philipp

  6. Bingo, thanks.

  7. Awesome, you own dedicate fibre channel!


    Cheers Rubi

  8. @Philipp – more info here, but I’m afraid I don’t remember where I got those specific sensors from. I intend to get back to this topic (probably next month), and try and figure out a good general setup for others to replicate.

    Sensing @ 3 cm will be tricky, you will need a properly focused beam, I suspect.

    • “Sensing @ 3 cm will be tricky, you will need a properly focused beam, I suspect.” This is what i suspected, too. Some day I’ll try out to point a ultra bright and focused red or infra-red led at the power meter and to use a standard photo transistor as a sensor. Another question, offtopic this time: Do you still have some 28 pin ZIF sockets left? They aren’t in the shop anymore and it’s quite hard to get them in very small quantities like one or two a time for a reasonable price. Thanks, Philipp

  9. Sorry, but I don’t have spare 28-ZIFs (the only ones left are in the Flash Board kits).

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