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Schönen Gruß aus Braunschweig!

In Musings on Dec 20, 2010 at 00:01

Not to worry, this weblog remains “mostly” English :)

Just wanted to say hello while on a very brief weekend-trip to Germany, visiting my brother…

I’ll leave you with a couple of visual impressions from this trip, including a visit to Wolfsburg (Alberto Giacometti and the “Phaeno” Science Museum) and the “Weinachtsmarkt” …

Regular scheduled transmissions to resume tomorrow…

  1. Look cold. Bundle up.

  2. Those Christmas decorations remind me of my first trip to Poland. A Christmas market was in full swing, and having discovered the world’s largest hand-painted glass bauble, I felt the need to purchase one with little to no thought given to the fact it would be going in airline hand luggage on Ryanair!

    Amazingly it survived. Maybe it was a glares towards anyone that looked like they were going to stuff something in the overhead locker I was using that did it!

  3. Es freut mich, dass es Dir bei uns gefallen hat. Du hättest gleich meine Bestellung mitbringen können ;) Grüße nach den Niederlanden Heiner

  4. Hät ich das gewusst ;-)

  5. Ich auch ;) so nah dran !

  6. @H/S/T: Ich glaube, die JeeLabs Päckchen auch noch persönlich über Deutschland zu verteilen währe doch vielleicht ein Wenig zu viel gefragt :)

    Aber es ist schön zu merken das die Welt nicht ganz Virtuell ist!

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