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Emergency stop

In News on Dec 22, 2010 at 00:01

This is a weblog post I never wanted to write…

If you’ve been waiting for stuff you’ve ordered from the JeeLabs shop in the past weeks, and it hasn’t arrived yet, then I have some really bad news for you: don’t expect anything the rest of this year…

I’m hitting the emergency stop button:

Emergency Stop

The two big issues in the past two weeks were mentioned in a recent post, and they are both of the kind I can (learn to) deal with: fluctuations in demand and fluctuations in supply, along with occasional shipping anomalies. It’s frustrating for everyone involved when this doesn’t work out well, but hey – been there done that, from both sides of the table now.

Trouble is, I’m now running afoul on a third hurdle: a couple of days ago, I strained my lower back. The trip to Braunschweig may have made it worse, unfortunately, although I had hoped these few days off would cure it. It’s most probably stress related, even though I consider myself an expert in stress avoidance. You see, normally I’m the guy who overcomes any type of setback, no matter what happens and no matter what the stress levels are. And having run a marathon 4 years ago, I have not the slightest inclination in the world to keep some mundane injury from letting me do what I love doing so much these days, i.e. taking JeeLabs further.

Except that now, I’m forced to pull all the stops on the shop. Continuing as is at this stage would be sheer folly.

There are currently some 70 back-orders. I will continue to send out packages as soon as new components come in. But given the delays of several of my orders, one of them pending for almost two months now, it’s no longer realistic to expect anything soon. The busiest delivery season of the year, a totally snowed-in infrastructure across all of Europe and beyond … it all doesn’t make the situation any better.

If you’ve been waiting for some time, please email me if you wish to cancel / get a refund and I’ll take care of it.

I’m not going to attempt to make a prediction for the next few weeks. My guess would be as good as yours. I can only wait, try and find out more about the actual status, and prepare to get things going again as quickly and smoothly as possible once everything returns back to normal.

Meanwhile, I’ve got some silly muscles to tend to… but that’s actually the easy and most predictable part!

– Jean-Claude

  1. Get well soon! And enjoy christmas time. Stuff can wait.

  2. Put your feet up, take a deep breath and enjoy your Christmas holiday, you’ve more than earned it.

    Get well soon.

  3. that’s right, forget about work. your health is your wealth. lubricating the back with lots of Gl├╝hwein is a great help 8=)

  4. When you’re healthy, you have 1000 wishes or more – but when you’re not, you’ve only got 1. Take care of that one first, and the rest will follow!

  5. Dear Jean-Claude, I’d like to order one of those lovely emergency stop buttons with immediate shipment! Just kidding. Get well soon.

  6. Moist heat and anti-inflammatories is what works for me. And some stretching. Get better soon!

  7. No worries, my order can wait! Get well!

  8. Why not set up a mailing list to be able to contact people when you and the back-orders are on the right track? That way you could recover, enjoy the holidays and be able to contact all the people as soon you are back in business. Something like: Email “Noodstop” when you want to stay informed.

    Beterschap en fijne feestdagen.

  9. Hoi Jean-Claude. Van harte beterschap en prettige feestdagen gewenst. Ik bewonder dat je tijdens tegenslagen zo goed blijft communiceren. Daar kunnen bedrijven als de NS, t-mobile,… nog wat van leren.

  10. Doe rustig aan zou ik zeggen en geniet van de feestdagen. Beterschap gewenst en straks weer gezond 2011 in.

  11. Relax and get well. You have to have some time off too. Looking forward to watch (and maybe contribute to) you taking Jeelabs even further in 2011. You are doing a great job.

  12. Well, you probably need some partners to help you (with the shop) in the UK. I did my back the other day, was too ambitious while doing deadlifting :(. Get well soon.

  13. Get well soon and take it easy. My order can wait ;-)

  14. Get well.

  15. Take care of yourself.

    1. Sure hope you’ll get well soon!
    2. kinda hope the ethercards will arrive by february, i’ve got a project due for university then ;)
  16. I’m not a customer yet, but I’ll probably order a few nodes and things in the new year when you’ve caught up a bit. I’d just like to reassure you that, at least for me, an announcement like this is a good sign as it indicates that you take care to communicate with your customers (unlike some much larger operations) and it has encouraged me to consider you as a source, rather than put me off.

  17. Beterschap en een gezond 2011

  18. Hope you feel better soon – back pain is surprisingly draining. And as much as ice is annoying, cold, and wet, it’s usually the best thing for back pain.

  19. Get well soon, and enjoy the season.

  20. Hey, my order can wait. Life first. Have a good Christmas and New Year, take it easy.

  21. JC, you have done awesome job here. I think you couldn’t possebly do more. Some orders are waiting for stuff you haven’t got in yet, so now it’s perfect time for you (and your back) to get some rest. And it’s Christmas and all!

    Btw: If someone is struggling with the Graphics board, the answer awaits there for you on the forum: The updated library. Works for mine at least.

  22. Jean-Claude;

    I have greatly admired your honesty, energy, and expertise. Please take care of yourself.

  23. I haven’t ordered anything yet, so no complaints from me either. I just love reading your blog, and even that can wait until you get better.

    Look at what you’ve achieved this year… You deserve some rest, man! Get well soon, Jean-Claude!

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