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Snowed in

In Musings on Dec 23, 2010 at 00:01

There are worse times to be immobilized, than in this wintery time – with large parts of Northern Europe completely snowed in.

Here’s the view from JeeLabs, i.e. Houten / Netherlands, right now:

Dsc 2404

Dsc 2401

Dsc 2403

I find it absolutely gorgeous. With all the beauty of this scenery in plain view – and the nearly 30°C temperature differential across our double paned windows as reminder of the huge comfort brought about by yet another marvel of modern engineering.

  1. As you are currently injured I will let you off for the lack of snowman…

    However the moment you are feeling better I expect this terrible oversight to be rectified. ;-)

  2. Oh well. In Finland, here is over 50cm of snow, and -23°C. In some parts (central and eastern) there is -30°C. “Business as usual”. :)

  3. Too , we have now a lot of Rain at -2°C. It’s crazy . All the snow has now a plate of ice with 3 cm thickness. my god, tomorow morning i want to by some goods . happy christmas to all. Thomas

  4. Gorgeous images! Pretty much the same here in Meppel (Northeast of Houten). And it is a great excuse to start on those tinkering electronics projects again :-)

    JeeNode related question though: would it still be possible to have a jeenode run off solar energy this time of year? I want to collect some weather data that way…

    • would it still be possible to have a jeenode run off solar energy this time of year

      Outside? I don’t see why not. It really takes very little to power a JN as part of a WSN. You do need energy storage though, to get through the other 15..20 hours of the day.

      Would love to go into this a bit more one day. I’ve sort of given up on “solar” inside the house, but for outside use I think it’s still a perfectly practical option…

  5. Just remember to go and brush the snow and ice off the solar panel ;-)

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