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In News on Dec 25, 2010 at 00:01

Two small changes here at JeeLabs. Well, small for you, if I did my homework properly…

First, the domain has been migrated to the new server, now that the new internet link appears to be stable.

This change should be mostly transparent. Same content, same format, same “content provider” as before, everything has been transferred as is.

The server and the internet link are quite a bit faster than before. Both are currently under 10% utilized, and should be able to handle growth as needed. The extra speed is particularly noticeable in the search box at the bottom right of this weblog:

Screen Shot 2010 12 24 at 14.56.13

The second small change is that “Jee Labs” will be called “JeeLabs” from now on. It’s official. No more white space. Eight bits closer to world domination :)

I’ve been wanting to get away from the two separate words for some time now, one reason being that a single InterCapped name is more googleable – and this server migration seemed like a good time to make the switch.

So better get used to it, this is the name of the new-yet-unchanged home:


This was a fairly elaborate site migration for me, and now both and are done. I’ve got a few other changes ahead of me before the rented server (located in Nürnberg, Germany) can be taken offline. But that will have less impact and should be easy to finish in the months ahead.


  1. This is “new year, new life” ;)

    I don’t comment a lot but i follow your blog every day, congratulations :)

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