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What? Last day of the year already? Hey! Where did the rest go?


It’s been a very exciting year at Jee Labs. But I don’t really want to rehash any accomplishments here, nor make all sorts of hand-waving predictions. Life’s too short for that sort of drum beating.

For me, 2010 has been the year where JeeLabs became totally real. The stuff I want to keep doing. The place I want to be. The people I want to meet. The adventures I want to be in. The experiences I want to share. The innate curiosity I want to nurture.

In 2010, I met lots of fascinating people and made several precious new friends. Not just online and virtually – THAT was really the biggest surprise of all: there’s this mostly-virtual world, yet it allows profoundly extending and deepening everything that happens in the real world – who would have imagined this? Certainly not me.

This month’s back-order fiasco has been a wakeup call. Atoms are not bits. I’m still learning. People tell me that I’m good with bits – well, I’m determined to get good with atoms too. There’s just way too much fun ahead in this Computing stuff tied to the physical world field.

Evidently, next month will be about recovery. But merely overcoming that would still be defeat. I don’t ever want to end up in this month’s situation again. It saps all the energy and it saps all the pride. Not to mention the failure to deliver in a timely manner and to meet all reasonable expectations. Never again.

There’s a lot that needs to be improved. The shop is awkward, the wiki documentation is incomplete, plug testing needs to catch a wider range of issues, known software problems need to be fixed, potential delays need to be communicated sooner, shipping needs a tracking option. Some of this is a matter of resources (my time, mostly), some of it is stuff I will need to get better at, and some of it is simply a matter of getting the priorities right.

Time will tell.

For 2010, I’d like to thank everyone who helped JeeLabs move forward and dive into numerous exciting projects.

Haagsche Hopje

May the year 2011 bring you – and everyone close to you – lots of curiosity and creative / fulfilling activities.

  1. Come on… you did it great. It’s always hard to put the face in front of the people and tell them that you can do nothing to help… you’ll do it better next time, don’t worry

  2. Happy, healthy and prosperous new year to you too JC.

    My reflection on 2010 is it was the year I discovered Jeelabs and attempted to buy all your stock ;-)

  3. Best wishes for 2011 to you as well JC!! For me it was also the year of discovering JeeLabs and trying out all your plugs and inventions….

    If there was just more time to play with it all….;-)

    Rgds, Michel.

  4. From my perspective, this is a fantastic website and resource collection. I certainly enjoy the RSS feed and your insights into this world, which I discovered this year.

    I hope you will fully recover and propel JeeLabs to the next stage, where you want it to be!

    Have a good start into 2011!

  5. Just to say that I really appreciate what you do, and to wish you all the best for 2011. Nick

  6. Jean-Claude, my first year with Jee-devices was a great success, the learning curve was steep, but lots of fun. I liked the visits to you’re home. Keep up the good work and best wishes to you and the family. regards Jeroen

  7. All the best for 2011, thanks for your great posts and exciting projects!

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