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Meilleurs voeux de Paris

In Musings on Jan 1, 2011 at 00:01

Happy new year!

We’re celebrating with a brief trip to Paris, visiting friends.

We’re just south of Paris actually, in a tiny village called Vauhallan. Won’t have the opportunity to go to the “real” Paris today, so here’s a mini-impression from this delightful little village …

Regular transmissions will resume tomorrow :)

  1. Jean-Claude,

    When you go to Paris, take the Metro and go to the Sacré Cœur: from the hill, you’ll be able to see the whole city. The site is usually not much crowded.

    This is the very first thing I do every time I go to Paris and get out of the Metro.

    Of course the Eiffel tower is another good choice… if you like to stand in a queue.

    Bone année !

    PS: I miss my daily dose of Easy Electrons!

    • Would love to, but there’s no opportunity this time. Just a quick visit, catching up, celebrating, and back. As for electrons, not to worry: lots more coming, as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Just out of interest, is that your Nikon? Quite significant barrel distortion on that last shot – the 18-55mm?

    • Nah, that’s a Canon compact. I agree, the distortion is quite noticeable – sorry about that.

  3. Bienvenue en France JC :-) Bonne et heureuse années à toi et tes proches,

    Rzbo From Toulouse

  4. Happy New Year!

    Now has anyone seen my brain, last seen 31st December 2010? It seems to have been replaced with a numb, mentally inactive pain source!

  5. Alle Jahre wieder, viel Spaß in Paris. Habe gestern im Blog gelesen und erinnere mich an eine ähnliche Nachricht vom 1.1.2010. :)

    Alles Gute im neuen Jahr LG Rubi

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