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In Musings on Jan 8, 2011 at 00:01

This thing came in recently – yippie!

Dsc 2410

Eh, 10.000 of them in fact – that ought to be enough for a while! ;)

In the past two days, I’ve been going through all the back-orders and sending out over 50 of them in fact. Note that most orders are bigger orders, since all the small and easy ones had already been dealt with.

This also brought out a serious shortcoming in my store’s inventory tracking system. I can see how many items are left (by going through the shelves and counting stuff), but I can’t see how much of those items are “already taken”, i.e. reserved for current back-orders.

Now in general, that’s not such a big deal, because most items are supposed to be in stock and the back-order is (should be!) low on most days. It was just a matter of making a mental note and taking care of the low-stock stuff.

But with so many items sold-but-not-yet-shipped, I’ve started seeing an avalanche effect: finding out that most of the stuff on the shelves was going much faster than anticipated while taking care of back-orders, and even running into some new shortages. Yuck.

This has happened to Ether Cards (now resolved), and has just happened to Carrier Boards as well (will be resolved in 2nd half of this month). Oh, and then there’s that 2×16 LCD which I think are in customs right now.

Summary: if you’re waiting for stuff, please hang in there. There’s more coming this weekend, but I’m not going to go all out 7 days a week and risk my health again. Been there, done that – I can now confirm from experience that it’s counter-productive.

In the atoms world, some limits, constraints, and delays are hard. Can’t do much else but respect that.

The good news is that I’ve just implemented some new tracking logic in my shop database, giving me real-time insight in those “already taken” figures. It’s nice to be on the consuming end of a database system for a change (I used to be on the producing end in a previous life).

Sorry for this somewhat off-topic post, but I’m going to call this Feierabend and enjoy the rest of this Friday evening watching a TV series with a nice sip of whisky. More substantial content to resume tomorrow.

  1. Great news! Looking forward to get started after receiving my order!!

  2. Kommissarin Lund – Das gefällt mir :-)

    • I’ve taken quite a liking to the Scandinavian “Krimi”, including series such as Wallander and the Eagle. Refreshingly non-macho and emotionally mature. I can recommend it as antidote for most other TV productions… if you like the genre, that is.

  3. \o/ Yay!

    Good to know Dutch customs are happy you don’t have anything hidden away inside those tiny connectors! Would I be right in suspecting you’ve already ordered the next 10,000?

    Nice relaxing TV series you’ve picked! Can I recommend Dexter for dessert?

    • Well, with 6,000 headers sent out since last summer, I’ll definitely be keeping a close watch on ’em!

  4. In the past (2002) I made some php software for a distribution company in PHP, you’re welcome to take a look at the (spagetti) code. It included composed articles, phisical and administrative articles etc. You can even copy it for your own use.

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