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2×16 LCD’s – yeay!

In News on Jan 21, 2011 at 00:01

At last… the long-awaited order of 2×16 character LCD’s has arrived!

Here’s what one of those boxes looks like:

Dsc 2418

Many of the pending LCD (+ LCD Plug) back-orders have now been sent out. Yippie!

That still leaves 3 more major items which are holding up a couple of packages: Carrier Board PCB’s, Relay Plugs and RBBB’s. The Carrier Boards are currently in Leipzig and will be here either on Friday, or else right after the weekend. The second item which is really hard to get these days, is the relay used on the Relay Plug – they are expected in about a week. The third item is the RBBB, which has been postponed a bit due to a temporary ATmega328 DIP shortage. This has now been resolved, so I expect to have them in by early February.


It’s strange how these supply issues can make such a difference… looks like I can’t seem to focus on anything substantial when there is a large back-log. Pretty silly, really. Oh well.

Sorry for the interruption, I just had to post about this. Tomorrow will be the third Easy Electrons post about transistors, as promised.

  1. May I just join in with the “Yay!” \o/

    Just don’t tell my other half, I’ve been rambling on about building her an alarm clock from Satan’s own design studio, and the lack of 2×16 LCDs has been my excuse for not progressing… So not a word guys!

    Oh blimee, I hope I didn’t leave the Jeelabs weblog open in a tab on her Mac!

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