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Carrier Board fix (v2)

In Hardware on Jan 25, 2011 at 00:01

This was looong overdue…

The Carrier Board has been updated to fix a problem with an incorrectly placed DC jack, as described here.

The new board simply omits the (faulty) connection to the DC jack:

Dsc 2421

If you want to use the DC jack you’ll need to connect some wires to it (both “+” and GND). It may not be the most elegant “fix”, but it’s effective and this change was risk-free…

To re-iterate: the DC jack can be soldered to all four pads now, there is no longer a risk of shorting anything out due to mixed-up wires on the schematic. It’ll be much sturdier than before.

All boards sent out in 2011 include the new design – you can recognize it by the fact that it includes the white DC Jack silk-screen printing on the back side – which v1 did not. And that it’s labeled “cb2” instead of “cb1”.