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In Hardware on Mar 8, 2011 at 00:01

There’s a brand-new “Modern Device” out, the BUB II !

Screen Shot 2011 03 07 at 22.21.15

Lots of options, also on the back (sorry for the color difference: pictures were taken in different contexts):

Dsc 2478

I’ve been waiting for some time for this one, since the old BUBs ran out quite abruptly not so long ago…

The important thing to note is that the BUB II is compatible with JeeNodes out of the box. No jumpers, no settings to tweak, nothing. Just solder in the header and you’re all set.

And of course, most importantly…

Dsc 2477

It’s now the same blue-and-gold as all the other boards at JeeLabs, and it even has exactly the same width as a JeeNode. One more step towards world-21.1mm-wide domination :)

I’ll update the shop shortly, all new BUBs are now sent out as this BUB II.

  1. And we kiss goodbye to all the serial signals which are not on the header? As far as I can tell from the picture, RTS, RI, DSR, DCD and CTS are not there anymore…

    • Yes, this usage scenario is no longer supported – but I expect that Modern Device will continue to offer the original BUB for those who need this kind of functionality.

  2. Is the black plug already soldered? I ask because I always solder the female plug ON the JeeNode, so that when the JeeNode is plugged and powered by a board through the 4 ports, there is no risk of accidental short-circuit with the programming/serial plug. As a result, I always soldered male pins ON the BUB. Now if you presolder a female plug already, it is not going to work for me.

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