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Relays at last

In Hardware on May 2, 2011 at 00:01

It has taken months to settle this issue, but I’m happy to report that the supply problems are all over now… the Relay Plug board has been redesigned to accommodate a slightly different model:

Dsc 2488

Still fits, still same size. And still rated 5A @ 250 VAC.

The coil resistance is 125 Ω, which means each of the two relays will draw 40 mA @ 5V when closed. Slightly more than the previous model, but well with the specs of the on-board relay drivers.

The point of it all is that these new relays have a major distinguishing feature: I’ve got them in stock, at last :)

For the record: first an order for the original units was postponed from January to May, then a second order with another supplier was pushed back to June when they told me the stock listed on their website was grabbed by someone else moments before me…

All is well again now. End of story. Well… until the next supply issue pops up, anyway!