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In Hardware, Software on May 10, 2011 at 00:01

Sorry, no serious weblog post this time. I’ve been distracted by an iPad which got delivered here today.

Couldn’t resist trying out some stuff…


Here’s one in landscape mode:


(both screen shots were created via the simulator, but the real thing looks exactly the same)

It’s obviously just a web browser. It’s also totally obvious to me now that touch screens are a natural fit for this sort of stuff. Goodbye double-click, hello swipe and pinch.

Pretty amazing how long we’ve done without ’em!

  1. Oh no, you got an iPad! I’m guessing we won’t see more posts for a while, then… :-) I saw one at a party where the kids were kept occupied by games on an iPad. There are some nicely done ones using the touch screen to advantage, simulating physical board games, mechanisms, etc.

  2. Oh gawd… There goes the neighbourhood.

    Good timing though, can you check Jbeale’s graph from the forum, the Android browser does something odd with the large version, and both the Android and IOS browsers are based on webkit.

    Now just be careful with it, so far this week I have seen 3 different fruity devices with shattered screens. Gorilla glass seems to be scratch resistance but very brittle.

    And don’t whatever you do download Angry Birds!

    • And don’t whatever you do download Angry Birds!

      Life’s too short for birds, both angry and twittering.

    • I second that! (Oh and by the way: Good to see you back JC!)

  3. yeah, i want to stick and LCD panel on my wall with a digitizer, so i can control my house et al with it. just waiting on the light switches :D

  4. It would be nice to see the iPad evolve as a hub in the jee network. I’ve seen people developing hardware that can be plugged into the headphone/mic jack for the iPhone. Maybe that’s a route here too.

    By the way, you can make real screenshots by pressing the two buttons simultaneously.

  5. I Guess the next step is an App to communicate with Jee’s :-)

    take a look at phonegap and jquery.get functions… ideas galore :-p

    • I’ve been playing with Bluetooth SSP between Android and a JeeNode, which I guess would be the logical route for the iPad too.

  6. JC, so good to see regular post from you again – even those “not so serious” posts. And eh – I just got my iPad delivered 3 days ago! It’s amazing -internet in bed just got much more comfortable – same goes with internet in the bathroom :-) :-)

    • Too much information at the end there Thomas!

      Just watch out for those “warranty void” moisture detector strips. Not sure if the iPad has them, but the iphones and ipod sure do, and there has been much talk about how sensitive they are.

  7. I know you new fondle slab owners aren’t going to want to see this today… but…

    Key sentence:

    “The OS can serve as a USB host. And it can accept input for a wide variety of add-on devices, including keyboards, mice, trackpads, joysticks, and game controllers.

    The new release also marks the debut a new program known as ‘Android open accessory’, which offers a common API for connecting accessories to devices. An Accessory Development Kit (ADK) was released today, and the API is available with Android 3.1. Google calls the program ‘completely open.’ There are no NDAs, it says, and anyone can use the ADK.”

    Now I wonder if anyone will port 3.1 onto this?

  8. +1 on TankSlappa’s advice. I lost a few hours this weekend and that was just the free version.

    • I’ve got all three, still wondering when the May levels are going to appear in Rio… Best avoid Android if you have lots to do, All the Angry birds games are free!

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