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Colorful GLCD

In Hardware on May 13, 2011 at 00:01

Whoops! The other day, one of the Graphics Boards here at JeeLabs fell on the floor:

Dsc 2505

Pretty, but not quite what it’s supposed to be :)

Fortunately, I still had a similar black display left over from the initial builds:

Dsc 2507

(ignore the info – node #3 is a radioBlip sketch, even though glcdNode interprets it as a room node)

Sooo… don’t drop the GLCD, it’s brittle! Unless you prefer that first display, of course :)

  1. You seem to be going through a destructive phase there JC, premeditated murder of ATmega EEPROMS and now an LCD accidentally falls from a great height… Hmmm

    It is rather pretty though, I think you can have fun with it if you have a polarising filter for your camera too.

    I won’t be taking it off you hands though, I’ve already got one, all 15″ (38cm) of it…

    Note to self, don’t leave the laptop on the floor next to the bed, even if you are nodding off, at least tuck it underneath!

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