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How the JeeNode evolved

In AVR, Hardware on Jun 8, 2011 at 00:01

Thought it might be interesting to put the six JeeNode versions / designs next to each other. It nicely illustrates my progress in learning PCB design, and making some trade-offs and pinout choices over the past 2.5 years:

JeeNode v1:

Jlpcb 002

JeeNode v2:

Jlpcb 003

JeeNode v3:

Jlpcb 018

JeeNode v4:

Jlpcb 044

JeeNode v5:

Jlpcb 105

JeeNode v6:

Jlpcb 128

We’ve come a long way. And I think it’s now time to call this final v6 design… it!

  1. I’d love to hear a quick breakdown of the differences between each revision, and the reasoning behind the changes. It’s nice to see the evolution, but we could benefit from your knowledge learned also.

    • For a history of the changes, see the JN v5 PDF. The v6 only has minor tweaks, as described on the wiki.

      It’s all a continuous set of trade-offs. Several decisions were driven by the other members of the JeeFamily – SMD Kit, Carrier Board, Bridge Board, AA Power Board, etc.

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