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Complete web client demo

In AVR, Software on Jun 17, 2011 at 00:01

After yesterday’s addition of DHCP to the EtherCard library, it’s only a small step to create a sketch which does everything needed for convenient stand-alone use on a local LAN.

Here’s a webClient.pde demo sketch which sets itself up via DHCP, then does a DNS lookup to find a server by name, then does a web request every 5 seconds and displays the first part of the result:

Screen Shot 2011 06 15 at 09.04.57

Sample output:

Screen Shot 2011 06 15 at 09.05.51

The total sketch is under 10 Kb, so there’s still lots of room to add the RF12 wireless driver, as well as a fair amount of application logic.

Who says a little 8-bit processor can’t be part of today’s internet revolution, eh?

  1. This is right on time for a little project that I’m working on! I am setting up some environment sensors that should be logging to some websites like pachube etc.

    This is pretty basic stuff though, but DHCP and this web client demo really make it a lot easier.

  2. How about IPV6?

    • I don’t think the underlying TCP/IP stack has ever been extended for that.

  3. IPV6? It’s only had DHCP for a week!!! Let’s not expect miracles for a $3 processor!

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