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Self-imposed hiatus

In News on Jun 30, 2011 at 00:01

It’s time for a break. And this one was planned :)

But it’s only fitting that today is also a great time to celebrate. Because this weblog has reached…


That’s right. Eight hundred articles on this weblog, published on a daily basis – at midnight Central European Time. About all the fun in physical computing and the electronics, hardware, software, and mechanics surrounding it – collected as a stream of notes describing my adventures in this geeky world of techno-babble.

The posts on this daily JeeLabs Weblog are – by definition – organized as a timeline. Some of it will inevitably be wildly obsolete by now, other parts are timeless and still useful, but if you didn’t tag along from the beginning in 2008, then it might all be somewhat overwhelming – or ridiculously frustrating, depending on your expectations.

There are a few ways to find your way around here. First of all, there are six categories (some of them quite large by now): AVR, Hardware, Musings, News, Software, and the catch-all Uncategorized. A somewhat more fine-grained structure is available through 28 “tags”, shown at the top of each post. There’s an updated listing of them on the intro page.

Another approach to finding your way around here, is to use the Search box at the bottom right of each page. It works quite well, but don’t search too broadly or you’ll get a result with hundreds of posts.

The third place to look for interesting posts is on the “CafĂ©“, and especially the pages in the hardware wiki, many of which have a Related Weblog Posts section at the end. I’ve tried to add links to new pages there whenever I could, although there’s still lots of room for improvement.

And last but not least, there’s the forum area, which is getting more and more traffic these days, so it could be a good place to search and ask questions. I tend to participate at least once a day (although quite a bit less in the two months ahead).

If shopping for JeeNodes and other JeeStuff is your kind of thing, don’t forget that the shop will close for one month, starting two weeks from now, and that there’s a discount / sale right now for current customers and contributors. See this page for all the details.

I’d like to thank everyone who in some form or other voiced their appreciation and encouraged me to push further. Techie as it all may be, this weblog is still about people, creativity, and shared passions. Because without all that, there is no point.

Scattered over the coming two months, Liesbeth and I will break away and travel in Europe for a while, and I’ll fill in the rest of this long summer by relaxing, learning, tinkering, experimenting, working on top-secret stuff, and cooking up all sorts of crazy hardware and software for future JeeLabs projects and products.

These daily weblog posts will resume on September 1st.

Until then, for your entertainment, a tale of two worlds: Splitscreen.


Update – Full alphabetical and chronological index.

  1. Enjoy your break! We’ll all miss you while you’re gone!

  2. I hope you guys enjoy yourselves. If you are near Barcelona, let me know!

  3. enjoy your vacation!

  4. Keep the good work and enjoy your vacation!

  5. Thanks for everything so far – inspirational! Have a great holiday.

  6. Good bizzy, I enjoy your work! keep it up and enjoy the holidays

  7. Have a great break, I’m off on my travels soon too. If you end up near the Hungarian part of Europe in July I’ll buy you a beer – sorry the Hungarians aren’t renowned for their single malt ;-)

    Now where’s my phrase book?

  8. Thank you for your daily posts, they are awesome!

    Enjoy your vacation. If you make a stop near Berne, let me know.

  9. Bonnes vacances. If you comme to Montreal, Canada, let me know!

  10. Enjoy your well deserved vacation!

  11. Enjoy your break, many thanks. Plenty to keep me occupied here, my experimenters kit just turned up in the post — a little damp in the packaging from Australia Post just leaving it sitting on the ground in the rain, but everything inside is dry and ready to go.

  12. Enjoy the break JCW! Thanks for all the fast deliveries. I already made a few room nodes which includes some reed switches for the status of some doors! Works perfectly with the jeenode and other hardware from you!

  13. Enjoy those well deserved holidays. I hope you come back with a lot of energy to continue this great work.

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