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In News on Oct 11, 2011 at 00:01

Looks like I’ll be participating in this year’s Elektro:Camp (updated link) coming November 4th and 5th. Not sure what it’s all about and how it’s set up – I’ve never been to a “barcamp-style” meeting – but it seems like a good place to be for anyone in the area and interested in hacking on their energy consumption and automation systems at home:

Elektro camp 2011 10 final

If you’re into this sort of thing, consider joining. It’s bound to be fun, and it’ll be great to meet up in person :)

(Groningen brings up lots of memories, I grew up there – most of my primary school time anyway)

Soooo… see you there?

  1. Bar-camp… Can’t help but picture drunk people falling over tent pegs, collapsing tents, screaming occupants… Ah, the memories come flooding back – then again, that was only last year!

    Have fun!

  2. I was planning on attending, but I’m in Rome then, unfortunately.

  3. Looks interesting JC, will see if I can spare some time to join that weekend. Are you going to present anything specific, or just your findings of the last few weeks….;-)

    Rgds, Michel.

    • There’s always more cooking in the lab (kitchen?) than what you see in this weblog … heh, is that enough of a teaser for you?

  4. Just put my name on the list, thanks for the tip! Anyone know if you can camp on the site? Or do I need to book a room somewhere?

  5. The topics sound good, as well as the place. Groningen, nice city, I have been there for some weeks doing experiments at the KVI (Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut). This was ~20 years back, but I remember the nice atmosphere in the institute and the city.

    I am not the big ‘camper’. Does anyone know if it’s possible to book a room?


  6. Some links for addresses to stay in Groningen are listed on the Elektro:Camp website.

    Furthermore it is good to mention that the Elektro:Camp is free. This also applies for the dinner on friday, drinks, coffee and the lunch on saturday.

    Camping on site is unfortunately not possible. The nearby ‘stadspark’ camping is also closed on the cold november 4th.

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