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In Musings on Oct 30, 2011 at 00:01

After three years, I thought that it might be interesting to “show you around” here at JeeLabs:

DSC 2638

To the right – not visible here – is the main electronics corner, which will be shown in tomorrow’s weblog post because of another little project I’ve been working on. Let me explain the various bits ‘n bobs you see here:

JeeLabs tagged

It might seems odd, but this is all there is to the JeeLabs, ahem, “empire”.

The Vancouver view always brings back lots of good memories from a year-long stay there, a couple of years ago. An amazing place, in terms of cultural diversity and with its breathtaking nature wherever you go.

I also wanted to show you this to illustrate how little is needed to sustain a small shop. It wouldn’t be sufficient if you’re chasing riches and fame, but if all you want is to have fun and keep going, then hey, it’ll do fine.

JeeLabs would have been totally unthinkable on this scale two decades ago.

  1. the suspense is killing me……. what’s the project in the other corner?

    I had to look up hopjes — sounds good — happy to learn all sorts of things from JeeLabs!

  2. Ah hopjes! Lekker!

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