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Permanent LCD display

In Hardware on Oct 31, 2011 at 00:01

Remember the re-using an LCD screen post?

Well, I’ve now built it into my lab corner at JeeLabs:

DSC 2698

The panel is hinged and swings to the left for access to other stuff, and everything has simply been screwed on. You can see the Acer Aspire One netbook mid-center, which is driving this display in mirroring mode right now.

Here’s the back, with 12V power, VGA, and DPMI connectors:

DSC 2700

You can see the (ugly) drilled cutout, with the backlight of the display shining through.

This display is going to be used mainly to experiment with basic in-house display of the data I’ve been collecting for so long, but it will also be available for a new oscilloscope I ordered recently, as well as other experiments which produce a VGA or DPMI signal, such as embedded Linux boards. A Raspberry Pi, perhaps?

A new life for an old discarded laptop display!

  1. Some info about the “new oscilloscope” (when it arrives) would be interesting.

  2. Were the controller boards / cables straight from the laptop?

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