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Same RFM12B’s, but flatter

In Hardware on Dec 3, 2011 at 00:01

This is to announce that from now on JeeNodes will be fitted with a different type of RFM12B wireless module:

DSC 2681

Previous module on the left, new module on the right.

The difference? It’s just a bit flatter, that’s all. As you can see, it’s the same board – with a low-profile crystal:

DSC 2682

For most purposes, the change is irrelevant. The module is electrically identical: same pinout & commands, same RF12 library, etc. But in some scenarios, the lower profile might be useful, i.e. when the MPU is also SMD.

This is also why the flat model is going to used with the new JeeNode Micros.

  1. All of my JeeNodes came with really flat RFM12B but my are 915Mhz and they don’t have the round blob the chip is actually visible.

  2. The prev RFM12B is marked as RFM12BS REV: 3.0 (back-site). How is the new module marked.?

  3. Maybe a bit off topic, but related anyway.

    I Think maybe it would be handy if the radio position in the JeeBoards was not located right at the edge of the board, but one or two millimeters to the inside. Now that I am trying to find a nice enclosure to put the stuff, and I found some nice cases which are exactly 8cm wide on the inside, with guides for the PCBs, I cannot slide the Jeenode in, as the radio makes it wider than the groove. Just my 2 cents, and I hope I made myself clear…

  4. Excellent! Will the RFM12B modules in the JeeLabs shop & Modern Device have the low-profile crystal too?

  5. oops links aren’t supported in comments

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