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Alternative USB interface

In Hardware on Mar 4, 2012 at 00:01

I ran out of USB BUB interface boards in the shop the other day (all my fault, not paying attention), so these last few days a slightly different version is being sent out. This is an earlier, but nearly equivalent, design by Lennart Herlaar – and as it so happens, I had a bunch of them lying around – a perfect susbtitute until the BUB’s by Modern Device are back in stock next week.

Here’s the USB FTDI Board in close-up:

DSC 2934

As with the BUB, you need to solder on the 6-pin FTDI connector for use with JeeNodes and RBBBs:

DSC 2935

The “settings” for this board is to pass the 5V supply voltage from the USB connector (solder jumper, already installed), and to set the logic levels jumper to work with 3.3V, as required by the JeeNode (or 5V for RBBB use). It’s not that critical, really.

Sooo… slightly different unit and shape, but does the same job as before, i.e. connecting up to USB for power, as well as serial-over-USB uploading and debugging.