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Hameg scope update

In Hardware on Apr 6, 2012 at 00:01

The Hameg HMO2024 scope just got a firmware upgrade – wow, it just keeps getting better and better.

Support for up to 6 calculated values (was 2), based on any of the input channels – now with optional statistics:


And one of the things I really missed dearly – the ability to see all decoded serial data in tabular form:


The top two traces show the SCL and SDA data in analog form, the next group is the color-coded serial data, and at the bottom is the list of packets. As you scroll through the table, the traces adjust to show the related information. Still shown at the bottom are the 6 auto-measured items I configured in the first screen.

Last big new feature is the capability to search through stored traces, again with a table to help navigation:


It’s all firmware, evidently, but I hadn’t expected the development to keep on moving the capabilities of this oscilloscope forward to such an extent. And these aren’t just gimmicks, such features can be extremely useful!

  1. I’m glad that I invested in a tool that comes from a company that really seems to care even after they have my money.

    • Indeed. Strange that few companies get it: with firmware-upgradable stuff (of any kind), you can get a lot of loyalty and goodwill for free, just by keeping substantial development going.

  2. It’s a $3K+ USD scope. They have a bit more overhead to keep working on updates than the Rigols of the world who play the lowest price/volume game.

  3. Sadly, too many trained on the Microsoft model – add bells, whistles and klaxons to the existing bloatware, then charge an “upgrade license” fee to get access.

    Just say no?
    Keep changing API’s so that other vendors can only afford to develop against the “latest and greatest”.
    Still reluctant?
    Announce the date that already limp support gets dropped for that “old” (but working) version.


    Installed base * Upgrade fee – cost of shipping media -> bottom line.

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