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Discount month

In News on Jun 1, 2012 at 00:01

It’s that warm summer time of year again – at least on this hemisphere…

Time to kick off a new discount month in the JeeLabs web shop

Screen Shot 2012 05 31 at 08 43 09

During the month of June, everyone who has previously purchased something from the JeeLabs shop (i.e. before June 1st 2012) can use discount code “JEE2012GO” to get 12% off all items.

And while I’m at it, let me list some other important dates for this period, here at JeeLabs:

  • June 1st – summer sale kicks off with this post

  • June 30th – sale ends at midnight, 0:00 CEST time

  • July 1st – weblog is suspended during the summer

  • July 15th – shop enters “summer fulfillment mode”

  • August 16th – shop resumes normal operation

  • August 31st – daily weblog resumes

Most of these are more or less the same as in the past years. The 2-month summer hiatus on the daily weblog gives me time to recharge and put things in perspective, and gives you some time off to enjoy other activities :)

The summer fulfillment mode is new. I’m currently making arrangements to keep the shop open this time, by having new orders and support handled by someone else. More details will follow once everything is in place.

Anyway – now you know what’s coming as far as JeeLabs and yours truly is concerned for the summer period.

  1. Nice one!

  2. I wish Denmark would look just a bit like summer. But I do wish you a nice sunny, warm summer. And should you get the time, please come up with more of this fantastic jeestuff.

  3. Hi Jcw, I am a bit puzzled by the ordering process. It seems the discount is not calculated/shown on the final pages of the ordering process. I have done a payment with the full amount (might have dropped off the cents, as I could not recall the amount exactly). maybe you should elaborate a bit further on how this works. As far as I’m concerned, If I payed too much keep it, If I payed too littlesend me an email and I’ll make it up. Thanks for the good work !

    • Sorry about the confusion – did you enter the JEE2012GO discount code? It should be on one of the order pages. Feel free to try again – I’ll cancel and refund whatever ends up being duplicated.

  4. I’ll try again. I will report via email

  5. @jcw : I mailed you. there might still be a problem

    @all others : There is an “apply” button with the discount field that should not be forgotten (duh!).

    • Thanks – I have submitted a support request. It looks like their search logic is wrong (should be “at least one order before”, but seems to be handled as “all orders before”). I think this problem is a new one because you now have orders both before and after June 1st. Doh, ignorant programmers ;)

      You can deduct 12% from your bank payment, of course.

  6. I ordered some items in the past. “The discount does not meet the requirements set by the shop for this order”. What does this mean ? Giovanni

    • I don’t know why – but some people have been running into this. I’ve asked Shopify, but no reply so far. If you email me after placing an order, I’ll refund the difference of course – manually.

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