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Summer break

In News on Jul 1, 2012 at 00:01

Ok, time to sign off for the summer break. This weblog will be off the air until September 1st – same as last year.

But unlike last year, the shop will stay open during the break: Martyn and Rohan Judd will be taking over all JeeLabs shop duties from the UK this summer. We’re making a range of preparations to get everything going smoothly, but please note that there will be some “reduced availability” issues during this time – i.e. a few more items out of stock than usual, and occasional delays while trying to prepare packages and get things out the door.

It’s been yet another truly fascinating year here. Somewhat fewer new products out the door than I would have wanted, but also quite a bit more work behind the scenes to make sure this all remains focused on fooling around with physical computing, wireless networking, and ultra-low power computing. And even though there has been another unplanned break early this year, things are actually starting to work out a lot better these days. As I’ve learned after over 1000 posts, the trick is to stay ahead of the weblog by a comfortably large margin, instead of having the daily publishing schedule dictate how to spend my time and my energy. This summer break will give me an excellent opportunity to relax, re-focus, and then re-launch into the next yearly cycle – IOW: onwards!

Until then, I’ll leave you with a view of one of the more chaotic corners of the JeeLabs work area:

2012 07 02 09 34

If physical computing – or even just technology in general – is your thing, then maybe some of these past 1075 posts will encourage you to follow your passion, nurture your curiosity, cherish your fascination, challenge your boundaries, and … be creative! Because there is infinite fun in creating and in learning from what others create.

To be continued in September. Have a wonderful time!

Note – Please send all questions about the shop, payments, and shipping to email address order_assistance at jeelabs dot org during the summer break – that way it will reach both the people handling the shop and me. Note also that I will be reading email only once a week during this period.

  1. JC onwards for a hopefully beautiful summer, for the rest of us, onwards for a two month walk in dry land. Have my best wishes for a nice time off, I do understand your need for it, and I do take them myself.

    • You’re obviously not in the UK then Ozzy… Here it’s onwards to slightly warming rain!

  2. Enjoy your summer break, JC. You have to make the most of it up where you are.

  3. JCW, enjoy the summer and I will be looking forward to the 1st of September and another year of renewed physical computing wonders!

  4. Enjoy your break jcw, abated breath til the Fall.

  5. Enjoy your break, recharge the JC solar batteries, and I look forward to your return.

    I’ll try not to cause too much chaos in the forum, although I can’t say the same for JohnO and MichelV – I think they’ve had too much Pi ;-)

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