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Fully recharged

In Musings on Sep 1, 2012 at 00:01

… and ready to go! (is this what they mean by “solar energy”?)

We had a gorgeous vacation. The best part: the car broke down at the start of our trip, forcing us to make some quick decisions. So we ended up in Retournac, a little village in the south of the Auvergne while getting that car fixed (kudo’s to Volkswagen for their splendid service, which included a free rental car replacement). In fact, we liked this place so much that we decided to come back to it in the second part of our vacation – this little spot was unbelievably calm, with a great little Camping Municipal on the border of the Loire, and restaurants with fantastic 4-course plat du jour meals for the price of what would get us just about one pizza back home.


See that little green tent over on the left, under the trees? No? Oh well, that’s where Liesbeth and I set up camp :)

What else to do in France in high season, apart from going on lots of hikes and lazily reading books? Well, we visited lots of smaller and larger villages for one, such as these:


… and we chased all the scents in those gorgeous little markets everywhere:


The other half of our vacation was spent visiting French & Portuguese friends in the area.

It was a truly wonderful break … and now it’s time to get back to Physical Computing!

  1. Welcome back. And, thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. Herzlich willkommen zurueck! Ich freu mich auf meinen Lieblingsblog und wuensche Gesundheit sowie viele neue Ideen.

  3. It is good to have you back.

  4. Glad you are back :)

  5. So glad to have you back and so glad you had such a good holiday. Happy the blog starts again .. I had withdrawal symptoms .. but in the middle of winter here in New Zealand one of my sons sent me a Raspberry Pi, so I have survived!

  6. Looking forward to fresh JCW posts on Jeelabs!

  7. those pictures tell a nice story – – let the solar shine

  8. Welcome back JC.

    There is a lot to be said in favour of random, make it up as you go along, holidays.

    Good to see you discovered some wonderful places. I can almost smell that garlic. Yum.

  9. Welcome back JCW! Now my daily routine of starting the day with a nice post can go back to normal. Looking forward to all the new posts.

  10. welcome back … eager to get started! ;)

  11. Ahhhh, almost forgot it was already september!

    Welcome back from France, we will go there in a few weeks, so I hope you left enough wine & vinegair…

  12. Wow – many thanks for the warm welcome!

  13. Great that you had such a good holiday! I also had some signs of withdrawal, even subscribed to your GitHub repo to make sure I did not mis anything ;). Just got a nice 200Mhz scope so i can now also play a bit more in-depth with the sketches.

  14. Welcome back, and I continue to admire your wisdom at taking these yearly visits to your recharging station, with all the balance, energy and fresh perspective that comes with it!

  15. Bem-vindo.(You can ask your Portuguese friends for the meaning ;) )

  16. Welcome back.

  17. next time you must spend holyday in Italy!! Tuscany for instance.

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