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JeeLabs logo

In News on Sep 2, 2012 at 00:01

Tada! I’m really proud to be able to present the JeeLabs new-and-official “look” to you!

Here is the new logo for JeeLabs – nicely distinctive and with a little wink towards battery-powered electronics:

Screen Shot 2012 09 01 at 22 19 14

As you can see, this has been incorporated into the weblog, as header and as “favicon”.

I hope you like it.

The proportions and font used for the “JeeLabs” text in the header above are still work-in-progress. In fact, I just used the Trebuchet MS font with smallcaps for now, because it sort of resembles the letters in the logo. If you have tips or suggestions for this, let me know…

One more announcement tomorrow, then “regular” JeeLabs posts will resume – promise!

  1. I like it! Perhaps the circle can be viewed as a reference to solar power :-)

    Did you design this yourself?

    • Nah, this was commissioned to a graphics designer in the US. I’m no good at creating nice visual stuff.

  2. Cute. My daughter loves the new logo.

  3. Looking now for a few days to the round logo and …..ahum I an not sure that is a positive logo. sorry for that. In traffic all round signs means that something is not allowed so negative, a square sign means that is is allowed=positive. So perhaps try it without the circle, or use something square.

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