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In News on Sep 3, 2012 at 00:01

Short post, with big consequences for me…

As you might have noticed, the Jeelabs Shop has been kept open and operational during the summer break. The reason for this, is that Martyn and Rohan Judd have set up what is now essentially a fantastic fullfilment service for JeeLabs.

As a result, this welcome message on the shop’s home page is now more or less permanent:

Screen Shot 2012 09 02 at 23 45 26

The limit for free shipping has beeen raised somewhat, due to the higher cost of shipping to “mainland” Europe from the UK. The other major change is that you need to use the indicated email address to make sure your message reaches me and all people involved.

Note that I am out of the loop for day-to-day order processing, but not out of the loop in any other way!

There will be more changes, most of them probably behind the scenes, as we work out all the details of doing business this way. As far as the shop is concerned, the orders are still placed in the Netherlands, and I remain as before fully responsible and accountable for everything that happens – both good and bad. VAT processing (and VAT exemption for EU-based business outside the Netherlands) will also remain exactly as before.

I am quite confident that this change will allow me to spend more time on the R&D side of things regarding all current and future JeeLabs projects.

Which, dear reader, is – and remains – my main motivation for doing all this, of course.


  1. Fabulous! More time for doing what you do best!

  2. But will the orders still include the sweets ? My wife really enjoyed that…

  3. Nice! Make sure you don’t get lazy now ;)

  4. Are you absolutely sure you can still use Dutch VAT rules/percentages even when you ship from the UK? As far as I can tell you need to apply the VAT rules of the country you are shipping from, not the country where the order was placed. So that would mean UK VAT instead of Dutch VAT.


  5. Great work, leaves you more time for the R&D :-). THe oly flipside to this change of fulfillment is that the “Haagse Hopjes” have been replaced with smarties :-(

  6. @rudi – only a temporary change when the Haagse Hopjes ran out. ;-)

    But the Smarties feedback was positive enough from some that perhaps it needs to be a checkout choice…

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