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Tizio LED transplant

In Hardware on Sep 4, 2012 at 00:01

For some time now, there have been two of these Tizio lamps in the house. A gorgeous design and very practical:

DSC 3517

As so many lamps from last century, they come with a halogen incandescent light bulb:

DSC 3507

Lifetimes are great (I don’t think I ever replaced one), but efficiency less so. So I decided to replace them anyway:

DSC 3509

These are simple 1.2W warm-white LED lights with built-in rectifier and current limiting resistors. Here’s the result:

DSC 3508

The transplant ended up being very simple, the UV filter glass is no longer needed, the power consumption has dropped from 50W 35W to 12W 5W, and – if all is well – these LEDs will never need to be replaced again.

Easy peasy! Now if only all our incandescent lights had equally simple alternatives…

  1. Nice lamp transplant :)

    If I read the markings on the lamp correct, it normally has a G6.35 lamp, which is also available in LED these days. That would also have been an option, and is certainly an option for the normal end-user :)

    • Whoops, right – 35W it was. I didn’t find any alternatives at the time I looked around, but this replacement works quite well because the light output is fairly diffuse due to the many LEDs.

  2. Nice idea! Where do I find these LED lamps?

  3. How does the light output compare JC? Is there any more or less than before?

  4. How does the light output compare with the halogen one? I’ve found those led replacements to be quite dim — although the ones I have are a couple of years old.

  5. Light level is slightly lower, but not substantially so. Not quite as warm, but close, and I just found out that the original light bulbs were 35W, not 50W, and these LEDs add up to 5W, not 12W. Have updated the weblog post.

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