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In News on Oct 2, 2012 at 00:01

How does this sequence continue?

    GG TW TK SG .. .. 


    MT CY

Get it? Think country codes…

And those last two (Malta & Cyprus) bring the total to 50 countries where JeeLabs Shop has delivered products. Woohoo! Thank you John & Andreas for reaching that milestone – welcome to the expanding community of JeeLabs experimenters!

(and thank you Martyn, for spotting this factoid)

Now that we’re on this topic anyway: the shop has just been upgraded to accommodate the new 21% VAT tax requirements in the Netherlands, effective as of October 1st. Death and taxes, as they say… the two inevitabilities in life!

After two years of total stability, we’ve had to raise the price on some items, to match costs and keep those ever-changing US$ exchange rates in check, but the good news is that all the major items such as JeeNodes, RBBB’s, and USB BUBs remain at the same level as before. This is where (modest) economies of scale start to kick in, so we’re not changing one bit of what has been working out so well.

Another point I’d like to single out here, is that Martyn and Rohan Judd have been doing a truly phenomenal job of steering a major shop transition over the summer into a pretty smoothly-running operation again – as it’s now all done from the UK. With a tip-of-the-hat to you fella’s, for making this happen in the best imaginable way – cheers!

There is more change cooking, but for the moment the only change you will see is that the shop’s email is now coming from order_assistance at jeelabs dot org. This address is from now on also the best place to get in touch, to make sure no message goes by unseen. Whether it is an inquiry about packages, questions about delivery times or problems with the supplied goods, we’ll take care of it. Yes, including me – I’m not going anywhere :-)

Oh, and then there’s that second disruption I mentioned a few days ago: the CafĂ© + Wiki at have now been replaced by the new Redmine 2 system. The original wiki and doc pages can still be reached at “”. For now.

Note that the forum is not affected. It’ll be switched over to Redmine later this year.

  1. Impressive!

    I think you should print this out and start charting your world domination :-)

    Or you could just go for the more traditional world map and a load of pins ;-)

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