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Elektro:camp October 26 and 27

In News on Oct 10, 2012 at 00:01

A year has passed, and it’s time for a get-together again, in Leuven, Belgium this time:

Elektro camp 2012 10 final

What is it?

Elektro:camp is a place where geeks meet to talk about smart metering, smart homes, smart grids, and smart ideas. Everything in and around the house related to electricity and electronics, really. Oh, and software.

This is a “barcamp” so there’s no fixed agenda: we make it up as we go, and we all present our ideas and discuss the ideas of others. Trust me, if things go as they did last time, then we’ll be scrambling to find enough time to go through everything that pops up.

Wanna have lots of fun with a bunch of geeks? Wanna show what you’re working on? Wanna present some new ideas? Wanna meet up in person? Be there!

It’s at the Faculty of Engineering this time, and since it’s all done as volunteer effort, please register soon if you’re considering joining us. For questions and other info, please contact Bart Van Der Meerssche.

Looking forward to meet some of you in a couple of weeks!