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Programming the JNµ – again

In AVR, Hardware on Mar 20, 2013 at 00:01

Given that the JeeNode Micro is based on an ATtiny84 and not the standard ATmega used in Arduino’s and clones, it has always been quite tricky to make things work on the JNµ.

No more:

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 14.34.08

The new (and still somewhat experimental) Arduino IDE 1.5.2 adds much better support for other process cores, making it possible to set up things as shown above, and then you can just use the “Upload” button to get things loaded into a JeeNode Micro.

It’s all based on setting up a JeeNode (or other 3.3V-level Arduino clone) to run as ISP programmer, and then a few wires to hook it up to a “target” JeeNode Micro. The IDE now includes an ISP programmer setup, but I tend to use the Flash Board for this – in combination with the isp_flash.ino sketch, which was recently updated to run at 9600 baud i.s.o. 19200, to make it compatible with what the IDE expects by default:


For more information about ISP programming, see this post and tag on this daily weblog.

Tomorrow, I’ll describe the steps needed to set things up. Stay tuned…

  1. hello Jean-Claude, Great job.

    Have you ever thought of making a book/manual that explains all the functions and features of your modules? Why do I get very dispersive although very interesting having to look through the different posts of the site.

    Regards Mirko Ugolini

    • Things are changing too quickly for that, I’m afraid. But I agree that it may be a bit hard to find stuff – there’s a chronological index, which gets updated from time to time.

      Perhaps a single page with topics would help? There used to be this page, but it hasn’t been updated for quite some time.

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