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LCD screen for the RPi

In Hardware, Linux on Jun 12, 2013 at 00:01

For a little side-project I’m involved in (more on that in a future post), I wanted to try adding a little LCD screen with touch sensor to a Linux setup. Found this one at iTead:


There’s a little ribbon cable and adapter (just re-wiring) available for it, which allows plugging this thing into a Raspberry Pi. The nice thing about this screen, apart from being 320×240 pixels and 16-bit color TFT, is its physical size – just right for a stacked setup:


Stay tuned, as I explore how to hook this thing up and make it show stuff…

  1. I know it’s not for the RPi but you can get a good arduino library for these screens from here.

  2. If you want to save some of the RPi GPIO for other stuff, here is a simple SPI->Parallel converter and associated code for these type of displays. Discussion here too:

  3. Taking about LCD … here is a picture of housemon running on a 10-inch touchscreen LCD I picked up form Chalkboard Electronics end of last year: .

    • Neat – we need to get a nice front page on that screen of yours!

    • yes, touchable UI – that is what I am looking into at the moment. I have experimented with an angular ui directive for gridster.js to present the sensor data in little “tiles” that can be shown or hidden depending on thresholds. It neatly plugs into housemon thanks to your the extension concept.

    • Beautiful, but “nonsense” (from a commercial pov — for research it’s great!): an Android tablet probably costs less and offers much more. I’ve seen tablets sold at about 70$, while a display+single-touch interface easily costs more…

  4. Anyone have a link to the ribbon cable or anything about it? Trying to find it

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