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Getting an image on the LCD

In Hardware, Linux on Jun 13, 2013 at 00:01

To follow up on yesterday’s setup, I’ve managed to drive the display from Linux, using the WiringPi library by Gordon Henderson.

It supports driving the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins from C using Arduino- / Wiring-like calls to digitalWrite(). That, in combination with the UTFT library by Henning Karlsen, and some work done by iTead to combine everything was enough to get this self-portrait:


The display is a bit shiny, and the contrast and brightness are a bit low, unfortunately :(

Drawing the image takes about half a second, but considering that it’s all done through bit-banging of a few I/O pins from a “user space” program, that’s pretty good actually!

There are a couple of interesting (and sneaky) details, which I’ll go into in the next post.

Hurray for open source and the remixing / sharing it enables!