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Cheap webcam

In Hardware on Jun 21, 2013 at 00:01

For a project I’m involved in (yeah, yeah, it’ll all be posted in due time), I needed a couple of webcams to take simple snapshots. Started out with a cheap unit from eBay, but that one really wasn’t up to its task. Then I found this limited-stock offer at Conrad:


It’s €10 and it even includes a headset which I don’t need. Go figure…

Can’t be much, eh? Well, how about 1280×1024 with auto-focus and auto-white balance?


(you can click-through to see the full-size image)

Amazing stuff. Amazing bargains. Amazing internet. Amazing mail-order. Wow…

  1. The picture is indeed crystal clear: you need more book shelves :-)

  2. Is that a clue to the future project you have left in the bottom left hand corner? What could a “fanbot” be……….

  3. A tidy bookshelf is the sign of a sterile mind… (Anon)

  4. Just guessing, display one of the meters and create a numeric value from a picture.

  5. I bought a pair a webcams for 10 euros, they also came with an audio I didn’t use, but had builtin lighting, which was useful for installing in a dark place, like where the electricity meter is. It’s still an ongoing project though, because the digit recognition turned out to be not as simple as I’d hoped… I thought ‘neural network’ but it overfit terribly.

    Anyway, I’m curious what you have in mind for your webcams.

    • First will be a project totally unrelated to the JeeLabs stuff, but once the webcams come back I’d like to try a few things with them. Digit recognition would be an ambitious but definitely very interesting goal.

  6. Try tweaking … Should be WAY easier than writing your own OCR…

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